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1. Which recreational vessels including personal watercraft (PWC) must be registered if they are on the water.

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2. What are some of the limitations manufacturers put on vessels?

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3. What is hypothermia?

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4. When operating a PWC over 6 knots how far do you need to be away from anchored or moored boats?

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5. When operating in narrow channels, all boats should stay to the port side of the channel

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6. The skipper of a vessel must have a blood alcohol level less than

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7. If you have a vessel approaching from your port side, do you

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8. What is a good general purpose fire extinguisher for you boat?

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9. What is the minimum height for registration numbers on a planning hull?

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10. What is this symbol   Port Lights

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11. When travelling upstream (away from the ocean) do you keep this symbol  Stb Lights

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12. Which of the following are classified as pollution?

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13. When an open boat that is less than 4.8 metres in length  is underway it is compulsory for people to wear a life jacket if they are small open boat

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14. If you wished to anchor in 10 metres of water how much anchor line should be used in average weather conditions

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15. This orange-smoke Orange distress flare is designed for use at day. What is it’s visibility range?

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16. When operating a PWC, what is freestyling?

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17. When looking towards the bow is the Port side of the vessel

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18. Does a Recreational Marine Drivers Licence allow a person to drive a Personal Water Craft (PWC)

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19. What is this image Code A and what does it represent

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20. You need to carry an EPIRB epirb-gme on a vessel?

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21. A capacity label capacity label  is a reminder of the maximum

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22. All marine incidents are to be reported to a Shipping Inspector within?

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23. Compare these images and select the lifejacket which is not suitable for water skiing
  • A pfd_type1
  • B pfd_type2
  • C pfd_type3

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24. Navigation Lights  When are navigation lights required to be displayed from a vessel which is underway or at anchor

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25. A speed limit of 6 knots or less applies if your vessel is within 30 metres of

A   boat ramp and pontoonanchored boatOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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26. Where must the  Rego Labelregistration label  be displayed on a planning boat ?

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27. What is the minimum age requirement for an observer on a water ski boat?

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28. Does a water skier need to wear an approved floatation device?

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